Sunday, July 13, 2008

Day1 Lavonia

I left at 3am Saturday morning to miss the Atlanta rush hour and breezed through Atlanta at 11:30 Saturday morning. A most pleasant drive listening to about 5 hours worth of recorded messages to myself from the past year.

Found a couple of my scenes I'd planned to use in one of the sequels and a taped speech by an insurance exec on being a 'ray of sunshine'.

I ate at Lone Star in Commerce. I just couldn't pass it up - the filet goes perfectly with my Six Week Body Makeover regime that I've been doing although I still ate twice as much as I should. I guess the good news is I didn't eat half what I used to eat. I ordered the small filet. And I didn't order dessert. Baby steps, lol.

I drove to Lavonia, GA To spend the night where I'd have wireless internet (faster speed than my home connection) so I could research my lake locations for the series and catch up on some other stuff. There was a baseball team so I had to lug my heavy suitcase up 25 steps to the second floor. My phone didn't work so I couldn't call down and complain that she'd forgotten to give me my wireless password and my TV remote wasn't working. Oh well.

Luckily once the boys settled in around 11pm the night was fairly quiet.

Today, I'll head out to the lakes and get some pictures, get some of my questions answered.


Cora Zane said...

Ooh! I hope you'll have some pics for us when you get back.

I missed Saturday's RWA meeting in Shreveport. I couldn't get a sitter. :S

Take care and drive safe!

Leah Braemel said...

Glad to hear the boys calmed down at a reasonable time.

Like Cora, I'm looking forward to seeing your pics. Drive safely!