Monday, April 14, 2008

Three Flying Monkeys

Three things I like about me:
1. My hair, redheads identify with their hair, it's a part of the personality.
2. I'm enthusiastic. My 'son-grandson' says I'm easily entertained by little things which I don't think is an insult. We should take pleasure in little things, sometimes that's all there is to take pleasure in.
3. My voice. I finally accepted the fact a few years ago that I have an exceptional soprano voice. I should have done more with it. Oh well.

Three things I should want to improve:
1. My increasing lack of compassion.
2. My increasing lack of interest in housekeeping. I'm lying, I've always been disinterested in it, but it's still increasing. Ha!
3. My increasing lack of interest in working. It's not like I'm retired or independently wealthy. And I'm plenty motivated to write.
4. I know I'm breaking the rules, but I never used to break rules, so what the heck. WEIGHT goes without saying. More exercise, less food.

Three flying monkey things about me:
1. I have an exceptional almost photographic memory for things I see and hear. But if you ask me to a party tomorrow I probably won't remember it until next week. And I've been known to write something and swear that someone else wrote it later.
2. You just about can't get me lost. I can remember landmarks from years before and have a good sense of direction but can never tell North from South. They say that's a female-male spatial thing.
3. Going for it. Whether it's a heavy job meant for younger people, or deciding to pursue writing after years of working, I'm putting fear behind me and going for my passion. I believe we can achieve our dreams or God wouldn't have given them to us, we truly wouldn't be able to conceive of them.


Leah Braemel said...

You should be proud of your voice - I just about fell off the chair when I heard you singing You've got the most beautiful voice!

Love the flying monkey facts!

Cora Zane said...

I'm inspired by your flying monkey fact #3. :)