Saturday, December 15, 2007

Party hors d'oeuvre

Struggling to come up with something different to take to a holiday party? I took this to our Post Office party recently and it was gone in no time. Easy to fix, doesn't matter if it gets luke-warm, and sometimes you have the ingredients oh hand.

Jalapeno Tortilla Cheese Spirals

6 White flour tortillas
10-12 slices ham patted dry
1/4 cup diced Jalapeño peppers, enough to sprinkle
8 oz Cream cheese softened

On tortilla, spread a layer of softened cream cheese, sprinkle with diced jalapeños, and top with sliced ham, keeping everything within 1/2" of the edges. Roll tortilla.
Continue layering and rolling tortillas until you have 5-6. Place saran wrap over them and chill for thirty minutes if possible. Slice in 3/8" pieces and arrange on large plate. Separate layers with wax paper. Pop a couple in your mouth the taste test. Only TWO!!

They're easy and quick so you might want to get enough jalapeños and cream cheese to do the whole pack of tortillas. Optional: sprinkle with pimentos.

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