Thursday, January 21, 2016

F is for Friends


They come in all shapes, sizes, occupations...species. They are people you went side by side with in school, others you played with in sports that you reconnected with. The person who listens to you everyday at lunch, or just when you really need somebody and they don't even ask to share their load with you.

It can be a stranger who becomes more on a an airplane or in the concourse or passing through your business. A special friend can develop from a chat room, a Facebook group, an author loop or conference and the bond grows.

And no one should cheapen the value of those pets who move through our lives. They leave a mark as deep as any human friend even if they can't talk back - maybe especially so. ;)

DO you have a special friend who gives you a blissful feeling just knowing he or she is in your life, or was?

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