Tuesday, December 15, 2015

D is for Destiny in the #A2ZChallenge


There is bliss in looking back, seeing what you've accomplished. On April 8th the boxed set of the first three of my Destiny Paramortals books will go live on Amazon.

Tempe's and Jack's story has morphed into so much more than when they first came to me on the mail route six years ago. I'm working on book four now and let me tell you - writing it is reminding there is so much joy in it. I look forward to a slowdown at work in a couple months when I can get back to it.

Do you have a passion for something? When you can participate in it fully, even for long hours, is doesn't seem like work does it?

I'm participating in the A2Z Challenge this month. Please check out some of the other bloggers and if you're blogging, leave a comment so I can visit you as well.


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