Thursday, April 23, 2015

U is for Us #A2Zchallenge

Us is a much bigger word than you think. When you think of 'us' who do you think of? More than one, right? those aligned with you? standing beside you, those around you? How far does that circle extend? Is it within your living room? on your job? in your church? your town, city, state?

Or do you consider US to be outside of that, more global? If you think of it as U.S. how do you think in terms of united? Are you united with those you call 'us'? or is it a closed group?

The word Community used to mean people caring for and watching out for and including those around them. Now, in most places it's merely the neck of the woods you live in, more of a physical designation. Wouldn't it be great if we could begin to think of 'US' as every living being on the planet. I fervently believe that every thing that lives was created, born, exists with a purpose. And if we think with a unified 'unity of mind' we can see it. If we look for it in ourselves and expect it in each person and each animal and in every living entity, it's obvious.

US is all. Everyone, everything matters. We(us) should unite in our fight against hate, hunger, destruction or harm of any living thing. 

Next time you say the word us or we - stop! Reflect on how you can include more, accept more, add more others to your US.

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