Thursday, April 16, 2015

N is for Need #A2ZChallenge

THE NEEDS of veterans...

Her First Knight may look like a sexy book and it is, but the theme behind my Under-Cover Knights books is the need for more understand, involvement and support for our veterans who have given everything to protect us.

In Her First Knight, Ridge Romano is pursuing his dream of helping veterans. Ridge is a billionaire inventor, an ex-soldier who lost his brother to PTSD after he lost his legs in an IAD explosion in IRAQ. He is putting together a consortium which will take over much of the VAs medical care by private companies.

Buffy just sees a guy who would make a great cover model. They have to learn to understand each other's work and compromise to make their relationship work.

In my research I was surprised to learn that more than 22 veterans a day commit suicide. The number is probably low due to the way some states report the deaths. Veterans still struggle with care, transportation, funds, paperwork, etc. etc. and family support while dealing with injuries brought about by their service to US. We should do everything in our power to support and help them get their lives back.

Today a group of men, the @shepherdsmen will run 911 miles from NYC to Atlanta with a 22lb jacket on their backs to call attention to those brave men and women who have lost their battles with ptsd and TMI and other issues brought about by their service. Please tweet and support and even sponsor or donate to this important cause. 

Periodically I run Her First Knight as a fundraiser and all royalties go to the support of wounded veterans. If you have a story or an idea or link of how others can help please post it in the comments. And if you know of a resource that should be added to my veterans resources page, please contact me at or leave a comment.

There is a special meditation program info session on Friday at Shepherd Center in Winston Salem for vets. You can follow the @shepherdsmen or the @shepherdcenter, which specializes in injuries for vets and holistic medicine, and please visit to see how you can help or boost the morale of a veteran. Be there for our men and women of the service and not just in the jumbotron moments.

Hard Days Knight, ex-soldier Luc Larue's story about his passion for teens is #Free Friday 4/17

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