Sunday, May 25, 2014

Life Reset: The First Day...

... of the rest of your life!

You've heard that saying. It came to mind yesterday when I realized it was April 26th, one year after we got the news that the Mississippi River was projected to rise to 65' in less than three weeks - 17' over flood stage and 7' over the highest ever stage. By the time I got the news, every storage facility within 100 miles was already booked. Within a week, seventy percent of the residents of our parish were moving at least a portion of their belongings to higher ground. By the time the river reached 60' the area was a ghost town.

Talk about a total disruption of our lives - the fear of losing everything, the financial distress of moving and living elsewhere, the loss of the creative flow of ideas. It took a few months to get the momentum going again once we moved home, and thank god we didn't get flooded like our neighbors to the north.

The last six months were spent dipping my toes into the self-publishing realm, and now, with the anniversary of that difficult time behind me, I'm ready to move forward

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