Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Big Plans for Summer

I know, you can't even think summer right now. I can't either and I'm in Louisiana where it's 36 degrees a couple of days before the official start of spring. 

That didn't keep me from making plans to go to Jimmy Thomas' second annual Romance Novel Convention where up to 500 attendees will enjoy workshops, book signings, costume parties, and promo opportunities. There will be cover models there as well. 

Yes, the same Jimmy Thomas who is on 6000 covers! If you don't know this, Jimmy is a true knight in shining armor to romance writers. He offers valuable instruction and opportunities to promote through his website Romance Novel Center dot com His Romance  Novel Covers site offers the widest array of romance genre stock photos anywhere. Everywhere he goes,  he lauds the value of the romance genre. 

Yes, he's in the romance business but when you see a man who works as hard as he does, who singlehandedly coordinated a convention to keep costs low for the writers and others who attended last year's first event, his sincerity just comes through everything he does - his business, interviews, and the way he interacts with the romance industry.

I'm gearing up for my summer releases and the convention with the new website; working hard to get finishing touches on the first few books in the Storm Lake series; and reissuing my 2012 release with a new title. What are you doing in July? Why not join us at the RNC?

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