Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Jill Shalvis is Here

If you love contemporary romance then I know you are a fan of Jill Shalvis. She is one of my auto-buy authors. We'll be giving away a copy of Jill's new release in the Lucky Harbor series so leave a comment to be in the running along with your email address.

Welcome, Jill. I'm so excited to have you. What is your favorite of your books? or your favorite hero?

It’s always my latest one, so in this case, LUCKY IN LOVE.  There’s something about Ty Garrison, ex Navy SEAL, all around badass, wounded, saved by the very last thing he thinks he’d ever want.   Love.

Your male characters are so real I figured you grew up in a house full of guys. How did you get so good at this particular facet of romance writing?

Ha.  I happen to live with a to-the-bone alpha.

What surprises and delights you most about your career?

Getting to work at home on the deck in my pjs and bunny slipper.  And the readers.  Oh how I love the readers.  All of them.

We love her, too.  Another thing about Jill - she's prolific.  Look what's coming up this year!'m ready!

What's your favorite Jill Shalvis book or series? 


Livia Quinn said...

Welcome, Jill. I'm so disappointed I won't get to meet you in Cincinnati next weekend. Thanks for stopping in.

Cadence Denton said...

Writing an authentic Alpha Male is not as easy as one would think. If you could name one or two universal traits, what would they be? Thanks!

Madison said...

I love all Jill's books. She's the one that made me realize you could write about every day kind of guys, and make 'em HOT!
Don't tell her, but I'll be stalking her in Cincinnati... shhhhh. Don't want to alert security :)

Leah Braemel said...

Whee! I am reading Jill's Lucky in Love (so don't enter me for the contest) -- I love the whole Lucky Harbor series. (Especially the heroes. Yum!)

Livia Quinn said...

Leah, yeah remember we talked about the fact that I figured she lived in a houseful of men like you. Love her series where the men interact. I'm so jealous of you and Madison getting to visit with her in Cincinnati. Thanks for popping in.

Livia Quinn said...

Madison, I love all her men too. And her wonderful sense of humor. But what really got me hooked was her heroines who flew cause I always wanted to be a pilot. I WILL be in Cincinnati next year hopefully. You guys enjoy it to the fullest.

flchen1 said...

I'm not sure I could choose just one! I still love a bunch of her Blazes, and like Jill mentioned, maybe my new favorite is always her latest... *happy sigh*

Livia Quinn said...

Absolutely. I have everyone of them back to Charmed and Dangerous. And I couldn't pick just one if I had to.

Jill Shalvis said...

Thanks for having me! Also, looking forward to seeing those of you coming to Ohio next week! :)