Monday, October 24, 2011

GO Saints!!

Saints 62
Colts er, 7

Nuff said.


Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Too Lazy to Exercise?

I think I've made my last excuse.

Maybe six or seven years ago, I watched a report on CNN about a woman who (at a certain age when most people let exercise slide for good) began jogging. On the day when this report was made she was 74. The doctors told her she had the energy, organs and health of a forty year old woman. I'm at that certain age when she began and I've been saying to myself before I pass that certain mark I am going to be exercising on a regular basis. I had a good start and then I broke my little toe. But after seeing this, I'm saying, hey, surely there's exercise you can do to meet that commitment if you want it bad enough ...

Today the news covered an extraordinary woman as she crossed the finish line of the Chicago Marathon, and promptly went into labor.
Talk about a good excuse to skip the marathon.

And the kicker, her husband couldn't keep up with her; he was actually fifteen minutes behind.

Don'tcha just love it.

Quite an inspiration and yet so many people are speaking out against what she did even though she is fit and had her doctor's support. She's run for along time and during her son's pregnancy as well.

People get a grip! You're just jealous!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Goodbye, Steve

Do yourself a favor and watch this video of his Stanford address:

Steve did us all a favor - no, not just the entire Apple world he created, the technology we benefited from, but the concept that we have but one life to accomplish our dreams.
How high is the bar he set...
you'll be missed.