Thursday, September 8, 2011

Are you readddyyyyy for....


Gotcha! You thought I was going to say football, didn't ya? Well, okay, I am a hard core football fan and the season did start tonight with our previous SB champ Saints in Lambeau field against the defending Super Bowl champ Packers. So it was like a Super Bowl on the first night of football season. And our Saints represented themselves well - the first opener where each quarterback threw for 300 plus yards with no interceptions. A 76 point game!

But back to my opening. Are you ready for me to start blogging again? Ready or not, it's time. 

I am an optimistic person. I've actually been teased for being too perky.  I made up my mind in January that this was going to be a good year. No, a great year. I felt it. I planned on it. Everything went as planned through April when I gave my first online workshop on Scrivener to our GIAM group, then 2011 started to go south.

On April 26th we got the news that the river was expected to hit 65 ft. 
Everyone. Panicked. 
Not many people believed the levee could hold 65 feet. Now we know that if they hadn't opened the spillways it may have gone to 68. Even 65 might have topped the levee. Most people didn't believe they had any choice but to move everything to Mississippi. It's a mark of how widely this sentiment was felt that absolutely all of the storage units within a hundred miles were reserved on that day, the 26th.

So between living out of a travel trailer away from home to struggling to make ends meet due to the increase in expenses and decrease in income, my muse decided to take an Alaskan cruise. Thank God, all we experienced was a loss of income and extreme inconvenience. And finally last month, my muse returned tanned and refreshed. 

Last week I discovered she - my muse - is a water nymph. She communicates to me mostly when we are sitting by the bayou, in the shower or in the tub. And last weekend as TS Lee approached she geared up for a long session. But like me, she's not really into bad weather. When Lee came ashore and parked just southwest of us, dumping 14 inches in a little over 24 hours and causing an electrical blackout, Nymphy - she hasn't told me her name yet - took a long nap. (Do you get the feeling that she's very tempermental?)

Since the TS, the weather has gone from triple digits to low 80s. Just delightful. So tomorrow I'll spend the morning with her by the bayou letting her help me with my main characters' motivations. I'm revising my novella and a novel with the goal of publishing one of them by December. 

With the end of snow ball season closing in, Nymphy and I are working together to make the big push on Monday, my first full day off in months except for last weekend.

Where do you do your best work? Is your muse involved or is a 'muse' an ethereal non-entity for you?

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