Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Just last weekend I was ruminating on how much time I spend watching sports - NFL football, golf, basketball finals, tennis, and this year the World Cup.

In February, with the Super Bowl behind me, I entered the 50,000 word challenge to get TR finished, when there was nothing but college basketball on TV, well nothing worth watching. (I say that but if the University of Maryland basketball team had made it to the sweet 16, well...)

Yesterday, after the relatively short Wimbledon final where Rafael Nadal proved why he's numero uno, I got in revisions on twenty pages of FIMB. So I'm not totally laying down the work just to watch sports. But some people obviously do. The statistics are in on World Cup loss of production in the US and Britain.

For the first time US viewers lost 175 million work hours to the World Cup, but no where close to the Brits' 7.36 billion - that's billion, folks - billions of work hours to watch a what four week tourney?

60% arranged time off
26% took time off
17% left work early
3% watched at work

Most of those watching in the US were in Miami, New York and D.C. Sounds like there's hope for Soccer in the US.

Luckily my favorite sports are on Sunday a perfect day to take a respite from working and writing. And in one month, I'll be ready for some Football!!!!!!

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