Sunday, July 25, 2010

Bonnie the Wannabe Hurricane

Looks like we'll get a little rain from that wonderfully pitiful hurricane wannabe that's headed this way (that's me waving hi under the top black rectangle). We need the rain desperately and the gulf didn't, so as far as this storm is concerned, the only way it could have been more perfect was if it had died out completely. Especially considering it was like a bullseye on the oil spill (the second highest dot).

So far so good. I spoke to someone yesterday who vacationed on the beach last week and said it was beautiful, workers standing by to clean it up but they enjoyed their trip. Hopefully, the marshes weren't hurt too much by the removal of the booms prior to the storm.

For once, most of the country is hotter than we are. Stay cool.

Goals ~  On target
My first re-working of FIMB is done, enough that I can work on the pitch and synopsis. Next, I plan to do the same for OTHR which should take about a week, maybe two (busy work week). Then, I'll get my notes together for re-crafting Tempest Rising and spend the time before October conference getting it revised and the sequel started. Nano begins in November, which may be good timing to write book two.  I'll have to look at last year's results to see if I want to do it officially or unofficially.


Bill Kirton said...

I'm surprised you found time to notice the wannabe hurricane. Glad it decided not to interfere with your schedules, though.

Anonymous said...

Well, Bill, at first it was don't you dare do it. Then, please, please just bring a little rain. And then the picture had the dots just in the right place to grab it for future reference. ;)