Monday, July 12, 2010

Blame it On the Muse

Today is launch day for our new blog, Blame It On the Muse on which yours truly is a blogger. It's a blog with twelve other writers of various genres for readers and writers alike.

Mondays will be the day we celebrate the Muse, that fickle, picky, flighty, controlling, and sometimes absent diva of our creative nature. We weigh in Muse Mondays on the trials and tribulations of becoming intimate with your Muse.

Our writers will share insights throughout the month into their characters, excerpts, info on new releases and there will be giveaways and contests for our blog visitors. This month we'll have first hand pictures from the RWA conference in Orlando.

I'll be blogging TODAY our first Muse Monday! Come, cast your blame on the Muse.

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Bill Kirton said...

Nice site, Marley. I left a comment.

And Yay Spain indeed. Holland used to play beautiful football but they've definitely lost their way. They're not the only ones playing that defensive, cynical game so it's good that an attack-minded team got the prize.