Thursday, May 27, 2010

Idol Fans Not Judging Talent

Once again, American Idol results prove the public picks a winner based on something besides talent. Last year, the obvious stars, Adam Lambert and Allison Ihrheta, came in second to Kris Allen, who seemed to say 'What the Hell were they thinking?' as he received the news. Yes, indeed. And this year I saw the same stunned look on Lee's face as the winner was announced. Surely, Crystal was the most polished and had the most potential to hit the ground running, seeming to be Alannis Morrisette's equal in their performance last night.

What WERE they thinking? Where did these votes come from? To vote off Michael and Casey who were clearly the better musicians...well, it makes me want to watch Dancing with the Stars next year. But it was worth it to see these talented new stars begin their careers.

My favorite performance - Michael and Casey singing, "Have you Really Ever Loved a Woman." Sigh.

Of course, you know you can download your favorite performances from Itunes.


Michael Malone said...

Yeah, well what do the public know. What happened to Kris? Adam has had a single over year.

My fave performance of the series was big Mike with This Woman's Work.

Bill Kirton said...

I hate to point this out but shouldn't you two be writing your magnus opuses or magni opi or however the hell you say it?

Marley Delarose, Author said...


WHICH is exactly how I found the topic of my current blog, &:)) I know fingers on keyboard only counts when you're working on an actual manuscript.

We need a boot every now and then. Well, maybe more like every now...