Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Out of Bagels!


I may never write again.

Monday, I reached into my cache of Einstein Bagels in the freezer. One lonely Asiago cheese awaited me. I dug through the freezer determined that this could not be true. After all, I still had enough Jalopena Salsa Shmear for another one at least. But then I remembered I'd stretched my supply by mixing a small amount of plain cream cheese in with it.

In January I packed a suitcase within a suitcase for wall strength in order to keep my dozen Einstein bagels and cream cheese shmear from being squeezed beyond recognition. They were bent somewhat, but it didn't spoil the enjoyment of savoring one every now and then.

And now.

They're gone.

The timing is probably about right since I was fixin to go on the Nutrisystem program for a couple of months. I'd just about have to be half a country away to stay away from them. And still I'm tempted to call my friend in D.C. while the weather is still semi-cool, 85 degrees, to send me another dozen.

Suck it up, Marley. That would be a good reward to give myself in October after I lose about 15 lbs, after the Atlanta conference. I just remembered a wonderful Einstein Bros Bagels in Atlanta.

I'll come home and celebrate a request for a full with a bagel and a piece of chocolate cake - or more...


Anne Pages said...

I love the way you live and seek better, as in fitness. You are a wonderful writer, trust me!

Bill Kirton said...

Good to hear that you have your priorities absolutely right, Marley. Bon app├ętit.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for stopping by and for the encouragement, Anne.

We'll see, Bill. I better lay off the food blogs til I get this book done.