Monday, March 15, 2010

Spring Fever!

"You're a winner. The day you were born - your egg beat out all the others!" Wayne Dyer

So in this respect no one is the fastest, strongest, rightest, or smartest. Each is unique coming out of the womb. Last Sunday night an Oscar winner praised everyone in his life for allowing him to take an old 8 mm projector and make movies. No one ever told him he was wasting his time. He was allowed to follow his soul purpose. What a wonderful gift to give our loved ones.

You have to admire the female director of The Hurt Locker, Katherine Bigelow. I loved Avatar but heaping it with so many accolades while ignoring this movie shows a global propensity for escape, for familiar themes and happy endings. Why? Maybe because we're worn down and maybe, because we're chicken. Hurt Locker makes us reach deeper, become involved and relate intimately to the more uncomfortable issues like war, death, and loss. An important film to be both entertainment and social commentary.

Don't mind me; I'm morose today.

My creativity is at an ebb. I want to just sit and listen to the second Mistborn book or the next Charlaine Harris mystery but I feel guilty - overflowing with 'shoulds'. I should be writing forward, finishing my class materials, getting taxes together, cleaning the house, swapping out the winter clothes, doing my online workshop, anything besides what I want to be doing, or NOT doing. It's gorgeous, sunny, and I'm ready to sit out by the bayou.

Hell, what is Spring for! I'm for the sun! Bye


Leah Braemel said...

Maybe it's the way the planets are aligned? (Hey, I'm not sure I believe in all that, but right now I'll take any explanation I can get.)

Which means, I hear you, I'm right there beside you. Except for the sunny bit. Spring is here, the robins have arrived and right now I'm hating sitting at my desk instead of enjoying the end of winter and arrival of spring.

Michael Malone said...

Isn't life about balance, Marley not shoulds?

Enjoy the sun - and then come back in and work your ass off.

Bill Kirton said...

Listen to your guru, Marley. As long as it doesn't hurt others, self-indulgence is essential.

Michael Malone said...

this is me wondering is it the sunshine or the hard work that's kept you from adding a new post to your blog?

Anonymous said...

If I was the next Blogger of the Year award like you, it wouldn't matter if I was busy or fevered. Let's put it down to laziness and the dead zone. Thanks for the prod. I'll take care of it, ;)