Sunday, February 7, 2010



If you don't know about the greatest game of the year, WHERE have you been? I know there are futbol fans, and basketball, track, Xtreme sports, and okay, Nascar, but this is one of my favorite games of the year. I always hate it when the season is over. So please bear with me one last time while I revel in the images of this season one last time.

How we got here. Four years ago, Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans. The city was in ruins, people were living in the SuperDome and nearly finished the job the hurricane couldn't. Could the city rebound? Could the team? There were thoughts of selling the team but someone had the thought that maybe the team could be rebuilt and be a symbol of what could happen for the city.

Coach Sean Peyton took the job and hired Drew Brees, a castaway from the Chargers, a quarterback with a recent shoulder surgery and doubts about his ability to perform. Well, Duh! I guess we put that to rest.

Every member of the Saints team has embraced the city and been embraced in return. They've given their hearts to their efforts and to special projects and the fans have responded like never before. One woman said, "It may sound crazy that a football could bring a city hope, but that's what this team has done."

Speaking of which, I didn't want to let the season pass before I mentioned my opinion of the NFL and their Who Dat policy. Poo-poo to the NFL. THey want to sue anyone who uses the 'Who Dat' slogan. "It is a logo, property of the NFL." Bull! That's like saying the Redskins Hoggetts or the Cheeseheads of Green Bay are property of the NFL. Years ago when the Saints were always losing, everyone made fun of the motto, 'Who Dat, Who Dat. Who that say gwoin' to beat them Saints!' And now that the team is a winner they want to capitalize. Okay, I'll make a suggestion. This motto belongs only to the New Orleans Saints and their fans. Limit use of the slogan to Louisiana companies with all proceeds going to Louisiana residents and the rebuilding of New Orleans. How's Dat?

If it comes down to ten or fifteen yards to make a touchdown we can always give it to Reggie Bush who can smell a pylon from 30 yards (that's the marker at the corner of the end zone). He's made some thrilling goal line razzle dazzles with only the ball passing over the pylon while his body sailed along the sideline.

All kinds of special moments surround this Super Bowl. Peyton Manning, the quarterback of the Colts grew up in New Orleans, his father our quarterback for years lives in New Orleans.

And two players on the teams have families in Haiti. Thankfully they were found safe. (which brings up another poo-poo for a RR evangelist who said the the reason the quake happened there was because they worship the devil. And yet all the images and tales from those pulled out of the wreckage have told of the uplifting prayers of the people outside their prison of rock and debris. They said the songs and prayers gave them the strength to survive.) That's some compassionate, non judgmental view you have there, preacher.

The Saints team has a lot on their shoulders and for a young team with a first time Superbowl visit it will be a monumental feat to come away with the win. And they CAN do it. But it comes down to who plays the best 60 minutes.

Whether they win the game today or not, they are truly winners, and I'm not ashamed to say I'm proud to be a part of the new Who Dat Nation.


Bill Kirton said...

Be proud today, Marley. Be very proud.


Anonymous said...

Thanks, Bill. It was a great week. &;-)

Michael Malone said...

Who dat? And who won? Only kidding. Big congrats. Hope you are revelling in it all.

Isn't it amazing how sport has that ability to bring communities together. Wonderful.