Friday, December 4, 2009

This Weekend on the Bayou

Well! It's the earliest we've ever seen snow in this part of the country. Last year was the earliest on December 11th. Quel surprise! But December 5th, man!

I remember one year the temperatures were in the low teens on December 7, catfish were freezing in the catfish ponds and no one knew what to do. The workers started seining them up and giving them away by the forty-eight quart chest. We got a lot of free catfish put up but then LSU called the owner of the catfish pond and said, ' they'll thaw out and live' so that came to a halt. Catfish are easily stressed though so many of them died anyway.

Who knows we may have a few snowmen on the mail route this weekend. I took a picture of one last year but I can't find it. Let's just say it didn't look like this one.

Most of the snow is supposed to happen late this evening and tonight so hopefully they'll get the Mississippi River bridge sanded so we can get across to deliver mail. I'd love it if there's snow - SNOW! - everywhere except on the street. Hey, we like our extraordinary weather gifts with a dose of convenience. Who doesn't?

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