Monday, December 7, 2009

Rising Tempest Rising

Finally, I've settled on a temporary title for my paranormal. Tempest Rising or Rising Tempest. Tempest is the main character. Hmm, Rising Tempest fits better. The title may not stick but will help me focus on the protagonist's arc. Anything is better than RCP which stands for nothing so much as 'Tempe's story'.

Yesterday, I listened again to Screenplay expert Michael Hauge's workshop Identity to Essence. As a result, I've identified more clearly the main characters' motivations and resulting conflicts. Hauge calls it their Desire. The desire and longing that drives the story forward to the end. 'The character arc is the tug of war between their identity and their essence.'

It's interesting how we relate and apply teaching from some workshop presenters better than others. Hauge is obviously stating the same as other writers I've heard but each time I listen to his application of screenplay techniques to novel writing, I come away with new insights. I highly recommend his Hero's Journey2 (with Chris Vogler) and Identity to Essence workshops.

BIAW starts again tomorrow for a week so I must finish up my notes on clues and threads and move forward. If I'm not here for a couple days that's where I'll be - BICHOK. (Butt in chair, hands on keyboard)


Leah Braemel said...

Ooh, both are good titles (though I'm leaning toward the Tempest Rising one.)

I need to listen to Hauge's lecture again too. It was a good one and I remember it got my creative juices flowing. Which need to start again with the last two weeks deep freeze on creativity.

Michael Malone said...

My tuppence worth...I'm leaning towards Tempest Rising as well.

Anonymous said...

See that's what my gut was prompting me to do. I'd even named the post Tempest Rising. So there we go.

Bill Kirton said...

Just to be boring, I also thought Tempest Rising was the better one as I read the posting. And I haven't come across the Hauge lecture but the idea of a tension between identity and essence is appealing and could easily unleash my habitual droning on about existentialism.

Anonymous said...

Tempest Rising it is. (Until an editor changes it. How's that for thinking positive?)

You drone like no other, Bill. I love it.

Anonymous said...

This is what happens when there's bad weather and the internet tells you the message can't go through but it's zipping over and around the clouds like a crazy snowboarder. It went through five times then wouldn't let me delete but two of the comments. Ah, well.