Friday, December 11, 2009

Diamonds or Stone

I used to sing a song called, 'Some Days are Diamonds, Some Days are Stone.' Well, yesterday was a Boulder!

When a story is flowing, 900-1000 words per 45 minute sprint are pretty easy to get. So 1500 for eight hours of wandering around in a half dozen different directions had me just about ready to give up on this scene and these new characters.

Then inspiration struck and an idea I almost ditched before writing it, turned into a key scene. It ups the stakes, makes the community and characters more interesting, and pulled many critical threads together. I wound up with 2300 and I can't wait to return to these characters and the new direction they are taking.

Note to self: Remember! Even though it's really really really hard and doesn't seem like it's meant to be, keep diggin, keep clearing out the debris, keep mining. Because if you quit, you may miss a raw diamond.

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Bill Kirton said...

You're describing a familiar experience, Marley, and one which makes writing so great (sometimes). When I get into that state of dragging the words out and feeling as if it's all artificial and dull, I try stepping back and asking the question 'Why?' The idea is to force me to look at the characters' motives from a point outside the story, to isolate them in a way. Very often, that uncovers something completely missing from the original which makes it all make sense and actually alters the dynamics. So get back to them and enjoy where they're going.