Saturday, November 14, 2009

It's all good.

I had a wonderful brief vacation early in the week to hurricane country - southern Mississippi. But a friend called from Florida saying we should check the weather. Ida, the wonder storm, was headed our direction and was coming on land earlier than expected. (Even in our brick cabin in the state park, it was a difficult night, 30-40 mph winds and hard rain.) We'd planned to drive south to the coast and do our part toward the recovery - lunch, shopping at the outlet mall. So instead, we went shopping and dining locally in Hattiesburg about an hour north of the coast. It was lovely.

I didn't plan to write but since the time change I haven't been able to sleep past 4am so I got up and trudged forward on RCP a couple thousand words. My total has been at 21,131 since Tuesday. Came back enthused but feeling like I need to look over what I've written so far before I get too scattered.

I also didn't anticipate being called into work the last three days which was a financial blessing and a Nano loss. All in all, a special week. I'll start on Nano again Monday.

Today is Football Sunday! Saints vs Rams! (In case you're interested Denzel Washington's son plays for the Rams.) Go Saints!


Michael Malone said...

Step back from the manuscript. LOL. My friend gave me great advice - get it written, then get it right.
Love the picture BTW.

Bill Kirton said...

What I'd like to know is what you were doing to the kitten to produce that expression on its face. Also, your post left me wondering what I'd do faced with the choice between a hurricane and shopping. Not an easy call. Bon courage for the Nano.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Bill. Haven't you heard the saying... when the going gets tough, the tough go shopping? The bastardized version.

And the kitty's not talkin'.