Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Bubbl brainstormer

You are going to love this little program! I guarantee it.

is a free brainstorming tool I found through the Holly Lisle forums. Holly uses flowcharts and diagrams a lot in her lessons and I've always had a fondness for visual diagrams but haven't been able to find one that works like my mind does. (No smart remarks please.) Until now. And best of all - it's FREEEEEE.

Well, it's free, fluid, smart, colorful, easy to use, and can be exported or printed. If you sign up for a FREE account you can save your files on the site. I'm tellin' ya, this is a winner. I wish it was available in desktop version but who knows one of these days like Write or Die, it may be. There's a wonderful visual help file that illustrates the functions of the program.

And one other fabulous feature - you can collaborate, share it with friends online.

Here is an example of one I set up to think through the 'Who knows what?" business of my wip. Click it to open larger in a separate window.

The image below illustrates the program features as well as the ability to leave some ideas not connected. Note the little white boxes on one of the bubbles - the one to the right adds a sibling bubble and the bottom, a child. When you hover over a bubble a box appears for you to change color, font size, connect, delete or unpin the bubble.
If you want to get to a bubble that off screen just click on the workspace somewhere and drag the whole map a bit.

An especially handy tool is the 'fit' button which shrinks your bubble map to fit the screen. The images here are from the Beta version because that's the one I'm using. And except for one frozen map yesterday, it seems to be working okay. Just save frequently and if it locks up on you take a screenprint so you can reproduce it.

Heads up: your account works for the basic as well as beta, but you won't see the files you saved on Beta if you log into basic. Enjoy.

I. Love. It. Thanks to the Bubbl heads. If it's as handy as I think it will be, I'll donate via paypal.

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