Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Write It Now 4.0 - software for writers

As I mentioned in Part 1 on Tuesday, Ywriter served me well for a while but my PC latop was four years old and my new Mac was beckoning to me to use it more so I started looking for a software package that would work on the Mac OS, Tiger or better.

Write It Now by Ravenshead Services
is another user friendly package with some pretty awesome writing tools.

Versions 3 and 4 both offer a tree hierarchy so you can organize your folders of scenes, characters, ideas, locations, and notes.

One excellent feature put it in a category all its own – the complete character creator. Create a character from scratch by clicking on Tools|Create Character from Add-on. This is simply awesome and motivation for purchasing this program just for this tool. On one screen (below) you can choose to create a name, personality (based on Archetype, Enneagram, or Myers-Briggs), description, and the characters timeline in relation to world events. Use all or part of the creator.

Create a name (or part of one) based on culture. Add personality traits, relationships.

In addition, there is a flexible relationship chart to document each character’s relationship with others then with a click - view it as a chart.

Need a custom personality trait or relationship? Add them as needed.
The program offers the expected word evaluators like count, frequency, readability, spell check, and thesaurus. And like Ywriter, there is a section for tracking submissions.

ADDENDUM: I neglected to show the storyboard feature in Write It Now. Like the rest of Write It Now, it's easy to use and wonderful for revising. Here's a sample storyboard.

Another extremely cool feature for revisions - the export tool,reliable and easy to use, creates a macro in the top line which will, when clicked on, create a Table of Contents. Then you can view it in Word with Document Map and click to your desired page making revisions easier. Very convenient.

The same file can be opened in both Mac and PC! So you can work on your Macbook and your Windows desktop PC with the same file. On top of that, outstanding tech support is available from the folks at Ravenshead Services in Lockerbie, Scotland. You can try a demo of Write It Now 4.0 and see more screenshots here.

Next, the program many writers use – the Mac program, Scrivener.


Black Tie and Jellybeans said...

I am switching from a PC to a Mac. I am currently writing with Write It Now 4. Is this version available for a MAC? I saw version 2 for Mac and is it the same? I like using Write It Now and don't want to change. Any help you can give I would appreciate.

Anonymous said...

That's one of the best things about his program. if you have a Mac and PC use your same license to register both, and the same file will open on either OS.

Bill Kirton said...

I got this software on your recommendation Marley and I smile at the ease with which you scroll through what look to me like extremely complicated processes. I know when I start it that they'll become familiar to me but at the moment it seems a foreign way to write. I've never used programs like this before at the start of the writing so it'll be interesting to see what difference using WriteItNow makes.