Sunday, August 30, 2009

Kayak Bass Fishing with Chad

Favorite Navy Guy called yesterday to tell me his book has been set up on pre-order status, to be released mid-November. It's called simply Kayak Bass Fishing by Chad Hoover.

A year ago, we talked about my writing. He said, I'm going to write a book about kayak fishing. He's been climbing in the ranks of celebrated kayak fishermen for the last several years. No one, you got me?, NO ONE works harder than he does to achieve the goals he sets for himself. So why not a book?

Right after he became an officer in the Navy while working a full time schedule, he held a full time second job, went to school full time to get his bachelors (which he achieved in three years), drew caricatures for private parties and was actively involved in raising his two kids.

He's still in the Navy, still a busy father and an even more successful kayak fisherman, winning tournaments, representing his sponsors, teaching his son to fish, and holding seminars to increase interest in the next green wave of fishing - the ultimate in ecological crafts - kayaks.

Chad's aim is to promote the sport for so many reasons. They are the green way to go, they provide greater stealth, better access, they are inexpensive and a great family activity.

Chad's website Kayak Bass Fishing has forums, interactive GPS and trip planning, a biggest loser challenge where the winner wins a special paddle, and currently a $20,000 fishing challenge. Register for free. I mentioned to him that there was no prostaffer in Louisiana. He said, "You interested?" Hmmm.

Here's an example of fishing with Chad. He belongs on Redneck Adventures TV doncha think?

To order or view the blurb on Chad's book click here.

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