Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Back on the treadmill again

Ever since Dusty arrived we've had one end of the kitchen walled off to protect him from himself. Unfortunately, this included the treadmill. A couple weeks ago, I unburied it and have been intending to start exercising again. I've been procrastinating.

After the hurricanes in 05 I went to D.C. and Atlanta to work fro 6 months. I'd been so faithful with my exercise regimen until I left. But it's been hit and miss ever since.

Only one excuse besides procrastination. It's HOT, as HADES. Today 105 heat index outside and probably 80 inside. But we put up some foam insulation on the ceiling of a couple rooms this morning and now the air conditioners are able to keep the house at a reasonably cool temperature - mid 70s?

So I'm gearing up. If you don't read by Thursday that I've got two days under my belt feel free to ask. Tomorrow's the day. Tomorrow's the day.

Join me?

1 comment:

Leah Braemel said...

Glad to hear the extra insulation is working.

Oy, I need to get out walking - treadmill's in the basement of doom now. :( But I really should take advantage of the fresh air and nice weather outside, I have no excuse. Well, except for sloth.