Thursday, May 7, 2009


I finally found the link to the video on GMA which shows the Derecho.

I guess it's karma that someone who hates storms as much as I do would wind up in one of the worst tornado and hurricane areas of the country. But isn't that the universe's way of teaching us to deal with the things we fear or issues in our lives? I'm almost to the point that I can walk outside in a thunderstorm without ducking. During the last storm when the derecho came through a woman in Texas was standing outside watching the storm and a tree fell on her. Wrong place at the right time? Or wrong place at the wrong time? I guess it depends on your perspective. Either way, a person can't live her life in a protected bubble. Where would that bubble be and what would it be made of? Everyone has their share of environmental challenges, snow, wind, fire, flood. You can't predict where the danger will be.

I remember when I was in Florida at my mother's I had to drive from New Port Richey to Lakeland to the hospital. There was an accident on the causeway where there are wide shoulders between the lanes and the outside barrier of the bridge. A small truck was in an accident and the passenger was ejected out the window and over the side of the bridge! Now, as if that wasn't weird enough, the driver pulls over, dives in to save his buddy and drowns. The passenger lived. So I guess when it's your time, its your Time.

I guess I'm in a mood. Do you know of any other bizarre fatalities?

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