Monday, March 9, 2009

Nola Conference 2009

Well, the conference is over and Cadence and I had a great time!

Cadence Denton

Cadence got a request for a full! I knew it - she has built such a cool world. I got validation that I should set OTHR aside for now and concentrate on RC. Both the agent and editor I met with seemed excited about receiving a partial on that book.

(It always amazes me that some people just pitch ideas, barely born story blurbs.) So now I must concentrate on applying all of the recently learned plotting techniques to RC and getting it finished. I'm excited about that.

We missed Cora at the conference and wish her dad well.

Especially enjoyed meeting those authors from the new Diamond State Romance chapter. This chapter sounds like an up and coming force in romance. I can't wait to go on one of those writing retreats or the field trip to Memphis.

Shayla Kersten, Delilah Devlin, and Elle James on the right. Delilah and Elle were kind enough to teach a three week plus Plotting bootcamp for those of us who were registered for Nola Stars. What a great workshop!

It was nice to see our young author friend, Jamie Colette who got a request for a full on her ghost story.

Terry Spear on the left taught a workshop on Hooks and seems very knowledgeable about many subjects. I recently heard about her workshop on showing vs telling coming up in May. Then I met her and won a critique by her. Very serendipitous huh. and Ruthanne, a very sweet lady, was part of the organizing committee for the conference.

It was difficult to make more than a couple of the workshops with appointments overlapping them and workshops scheduled opposite each other.

There were some lovely baskets. I think I spent $35 to try to win the spa basket and didn't. Since I don't ever win anything, next year, I'll spend my bucks on a sure thing, our authors' books at the book signing.

Jennifer Blake gave the keynote address at lunchtime and I got tears in my eyes. It was on Inspiration. She went through quite a school of hard knocks but overcame every obstacle with perseverance and creativity. Most inspiring.

Congratulations too all the attendees!


Cadence Denton said...

Congrats to my fearless CP for getting two requests for partials...AND for reading my pitch since my voice had gone the way of the Dodo. Erhmm. It had vanished, in other words.

Dani said...

That is great on the requests!! Good luck. Keep us informed.

Cora Zane said...

Oh! I'm so happy you posted pictures! :*) And I'm so proud of you, Cadence, and Jamie with those requests!!

Have y'all decided to join the DSR chapter? I've printed the form, but haven't sent it in yet. ^_^