Monday, March 30, 2009

Here we go again

High water AGAIN, and it's not because of the Spring thaw which hasn't happened yet. I'm beginning to think I need an office in town. My satellite dish is about three feet from being under water.

Friday night was the fourth night of terrifying weather. And I've NEVER seen the state of Louisiana lit up like that. Amazing that we didn't have more tornados though there were reports of teacup (that's bigger than baseball)sized hail. Anyone who knows me, knows that I totally freak out when it's lightninging. And when the water starts rising, I can't describe the anxiety that pervades everything I do. I absolutely can't imagine what those courageous people in ND are going through.

So four days of torrential downpours and many inches of rain later...

My little flower garden that is usually at my feet when I sit outside to write is at the water's edge. Only 6 of the 26 steps are out of the water right now and still rising.

Backwater from fields, ditches, marshes, and bayous push wildlife out of their normal territory. This morning I saw wood ducks,and deer.

A few days ago this huge gator was feeding while I worked on RC. Needless to say, he made me uneasy. We've only had one that big on this corner of the bayou (that I've seen). One of the residents saw the gator pull a big doe off the bank and kill it, its tail casting huge sprays of water as it thrashed the deer from side to side, ten feet into the air. Even though this gator was 100 feet out in the water, I backed up closer to the back door. The first picture shows how close he is to the satellite. In the next shot you can maybe make out what a monster he is.

Actually, HE is probably a she. The authorities say the females are feeding right now. That's when you don't want to interrupt them. She was moving swiftly across the bayou, diving, swishing her tail, more active than you usually see them.

So now, I have to keep a close eye on my Dusty dog.

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