Saturday, February 21, 2009

Sleeping Sound

Can you guess what these things are?

They look a little like some kind of archeological find, pieces off an old pitcher maybe. They are customized ear plugs.)I never knew my ears were quite so irregular.)

Last week, I was in Walmart in a city nearby looking for a digital scale for CFM. Just his luck, I found one on the clearance aisle along with this little box of customizable ear plugs. I've been having trouble sleeping at night because of his snoring.

He snores, I shake the bed, he quits, I almost get back to sleep, he snores, I shake the bed... well, you get the picture. So I thought these might help, but I didn't realize what I had til I got the box open.

Inside were two little containers of putty, white and natural. The instructions said to mix half of each compound until there were no streaks. Then you roll it into a ball and begin to press it into your ear pulling the edges and continuing to press into the center. Then you flatten the outside and let it cure in your ear for 15 minutes before removing. After three or four hours you have a custom set of ear plugs. And boy, do they work!

I plan to hit the clearance section again to get a back up set.

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Cadence Denton said...

Best bring 'em with you when we head out for Shreveport, sista. I snore like a lumberjack...or so I'm told...tee hee