Friday, January 30, 2009

Puppy Update

I was reading on Paperback Writer this morning about Lynn Viehl's new superdog, Cole, and realized I hadn't updated you on Dusty's progress.

Well, I went to D.C. for two weeks and missed two weeks of his puppyness. Oh, how I hate that. I came back and he had grown into a minature grown Pom and fiesty is not the word. The little idiot still sleeps through the night but his Aunt Christine spoiled him a little with some Caesar dog food in the octagonal shaped can and now Purina isn't good enough. I think he'd rather starve.

He has quite a temper which comes out when it's time to go outside. I want to get him used to a training leash because we live on the bayou and he's already showing a propensity for tearing down the hill to the bank which this Summer will probalby sport an alligator or two. Tear my heart out! Yes, he's going to get used to playing on a long leash. Not to mention the rattlesnakes and other varmits that can be hazardous to a little dog's health. But the temper doesn't come out except when he wants to play and doesn't get his way. Most of the time he just plays, entertaining himself with the house full of toys which have turned this into BABY ZONE!

CFM said he sometimes wishes he hadn't answered that ad in December. But he also said he missed us a LOT when we were gone for two weeks. Yes, puppies, like babies are tremendously time consuming. I never had a baby so now I can definitely relate to everything I've heard. And my favorite time of day lately has been Dusty's nap time.

Sometimes you see it coming.

And sometimes all you see is the crash...

look at his cute little feet. I swear the thing that grew the most on him were his nose and feet.

I'd also like to say - Congratulations to my friend Leah Braemel for hitting the number one spot three days after her book, Private Property, debued on Samhain.


Leah Braemel said...

He's so sweet! He really has grown up, hasn't he? (The picture of him sleeping is cut off on the blog, yet shows up on Google Reader - really weird.)

And that fireworks show is spectacular! Thanks, Marley!

Cadence Denton said...

Nothing like the love of a good dog...LOL! Dusty is a sweetie! Thanks for your help with my blog site. Like the hubby, I'm glad you're home.