Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Gustav 3rd day

7 steps out
Wednesday, September 3
We got up early to go to town to get gas. Joe was driving the Tundra. It was very dark, raining. We came around a curve and a tree was laying in the road. A large truck was approaching in the other lane so he couldn't avoid it and we struck it. I had just put my seat belt on about a minute before that. Then I looked at the insurance and we have $1000 deductible! Sheesh.

No lights yet and the TV Dish may be under water by tomorrow or the next day. They do have lights on the main highway but the gas stations are just starting to open. No one has any ice. The few drive thrus like Sonic and Burger King that were open were packed and lines at the gas stations.

More weather coming through tonight. Hopefully the last round. Water is really rising and all the water around us ends up in this water system. I'd thought we couldn't flood here with exception of a levee break but we're thinking of going and getting sandbags.

I'll update again if I can tomorrow.

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Leah Braemel said...

Oh, yikes. How much damage is done to the truck? And it's a darned good thing you were wearing your seatbelt!

Can you get out to get sandbags and sand? I'm taking it that the road isn't in danger of being flooded? Because I think I'd be prepare the sandbags 'just in case.'

Stay safe!