Saturday, August 30, 2008

A Monster on the Move

There is a monster headed this way and its name is Gustav. We're located right to the left and west of the crook in the boot that is Louisiana. Zip 71354. When Katrina came through it was actually east of New Orleans. And Rita came in West of Cameron Parish. So we lucked up both times. In addtion, Katrina slowed down and was just a 3 when it came on shore.

Gustav on the other hand is already a 5 and just entering the warm waters of the gulf. And it's traveling fast so it may be a huge 5 by the time it hits. AND they're expecting it to just sit and dump wind and rain for days. If it comes ashore where they are predicting we will be in the northeast quadrant, the heaviest wind and rain.

To top it off, I'm supposed to run the mail on Tuesday. I was already dreading it because it's the heaviest day of the year for my route, lots of catalogs. Maybe the people in Jackson will decide it's too bad for us to get on the road.

Traffic is heavy, cars with luggage strapped to the roof, caravans of travel trailers, ambulances, so many evacuees. The hotels have been sold out to the Arkansas border and beyond for two days. We're not messing around this time.

On other fronts, the insurance job is going okay. My plan for it to give me a decent income so I can have time to write may work out. It'll be another couple months before I know if things are going to work out long term. Hopefully by Thanksgiving.

I'm entering a couple contests this week with OTHR and one with FIMB. Might as well send them out and get my name out there, while I'm not writing, lol.

Hope everybody is staying safe. Happy Labor Day!

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Leah Braemel said...

My thoughts are with everyone in that area. I can't imagine having to face the weather you guys get. (But you probably feel the same way about our snow, LOL)

Good luck on the contests.