Sunday, July 6, 2008

Two class acts

What did I do today? I watched the Wimbledon championship. Normally, that wouldn't be an all day experience but these two guys, Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal went at it until I thought they were just going to turn the lights out and finish tomorrow.

Here's a daylight pic of Rafa who said the difference for him was staying positive and not giving up.

Rafa's blog show what a down to earth young man he is and gives an intimate look at his thoughts during Wimbledon.

Federer began the match unlike any he'd ever played by losing the first two sets. And Nadal had a chance to close it out in the Fourth set but got a little hurried and didn't take advantage. A rain delay gave Federer new life and he fought his way back into the match in the fifth when they had another rain delay. Then with less than an hour of daylight left they passed the longest championship match ever mark and were with in a game of having to take it up Monday when Nadal broke Federer's serve.

Unbelievable, awesome, enthralling, heart-wrenching and nerve-wracking. It was all of that as Rafa proved that his improvement on grass wasn't a fluke.

When they were interviewed these two humble, steady champions complimented each other rather than take credit themselves. I felt like one of Rafa's parents afraid to watch for fear that he'd lose, but he prevailed. If it had been a boxing match it would have been a draw. It was that close. At one point in the fifth set they had 178 winning strokes each!!

Surely Nadal will be number one tomorrow. And it doesn't hurt that he's such a cute hunk! Has anyone seen a picture of him without his shirt? Bet he looks dynamite in a speedo.

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