Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Murphy's Law of Computers

Everyone has experienced those periods of PCR (PC Rage) even the most experienced. I think there should be a separate category for computer laws of Murph.

I finally set up my new external hard drive today and for the first time since I've had my Imac - 2 1/2 years - I set about creating a recurring backup. The weather was lovely (which - anyone who knows Louisiana weather knows that you don't do anything with bad weather approaching) so I said, why not now?

When I was in Jackson on my last postal training, I purchased the 750G My Book with the intention of creating automatic backups for both computers. So, at 4:00 this afternoon I hit the DO IT button.

At 5:20PM the lights went out. Not for long, but you know how that is. The backup was 35% complete. AAARRRGH! I mean, WHAT ARE THE ODDS that my very first time to use the damn thing...

Our electricity is about 5 times more likely to go out when it's sunny than in bad weather. So maybe next time I'll wait for a storm.

I'm sure you have a Murphy's law of computer tale to tell. Share.

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Leah Braemel said...

Just one?

You know, now that I have to come up with one I can't. I know I've had a ton of crashes and lost data. Lost my laptop a while back but now I can't remember why. I just hand the computer over to Gizmo Guy and say 'fix it' Which isn't really fair considering people used to call ME and say the same thing. Then again maybe that's why I rely on him so much. I'm so fed up with computers - especially Microsoft. Next one I'm buying is a Mac! (Not that that will help me with a power failure unless it's a laptop.)