Thursday, July 17, 2008

Day 4 S.C.

Yesterday, we visited our cousin, Carol, at her new home in Fancy Gap, Virginia. Carol does medical transcription and while awaiting the construction of their new home, they lived and worked out of their motor home. She used a Verizon internet card on her laptop which only worked because of the proximity of their property near the top of a ridge.

Carol is the sister of my heart. We spent so many good times together when my mother lived in Florida and I was visiting freguently. We took Word Perfect classes, explored used book stores, met often at Olive Garden, and, of course, went shopping together.

Carol just returned from Italy where she took an intense cooking class. Her new kitchen allows her to explore her culinary proficiency and serve meals like she served us - her famous chicken casserole, a corn and bacon dish, salad with raspberry vinagrette dressing and devils food cake with homemade chocolate gelato, an Italian ice cream. Scrumptious!

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Cora Zane said...

The house is gorgeous! I'm happy you had a great visit. :)