Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Daily Habits

I can get so distracted, probably ADD or ADHD or whatever they call it. And it plays havoc with focusing on my writing.

For instance, I can't cook french bread in the broiler. I place it on the rack, stand there for maybe 10 seconds, then I see a spider web in the corner of the room. Must get that spider web. I grab the broom, swipe it down, put the broom up. Hmm, what's this cap doing here by the broom? Must put it where it belongs, and on and on. Until I smell smoke.

I could probably cook bread if I got CFM to tape one hand to the stove. [grin] I used to try to dry the iron skillets on the stove until one morning he put his hand on my shoulder and said, "Do not dry the iron skillets. I'll dry them for you." That was years ago. It runs in Mom's side of the family. Not anything to do with Alzheimers (I hope). I have almost a photographic memory for things I see and hear but don't ask me where I put something. Out of sight - out of mind.

I believe I was the originator of the Day Runner type organizer. I took an address book. Fitted it with notebook paper and an alphabetical index and voila. I used one for years to set my tasks for the day, to keep track of everything about my life. I had a page under B for budget, S for songs I wanted to learn, C for Computer issues, P for (I know) passwords. But when I got out of sales, I set it aside.

Now, I'm going back to a daily goal system to stay on track with one addition - my whiteboard.

I've created two columns the one on the left for the task categories that I need to complete each and every day. Column two for the variables, my optional choices.

So this week it looks something like this:

Write 2000w or 2hrs
Revise, submit, critique
Other - pick one
Blog/ email
Read instruction/inspiration

Mind Jog - pick from list
OTHR more revisions
FIMB revisions
FIMB synopsis, query
Write forward RC, LMA, Rory, FF

Other Options
Straighten office
Computer backups
WORK - blaah

Blogs scheduled ahed
Wash, cleanup
Sports on TV

So far I've been able to stay on track except for writing forward because I can't seem to decide which story I'm going to pursue.

Is that a good excuse or what!

You probably already have good habits? Anything you can share?

1 comment:

Dani said...

I'm sorry Marley, but it takes a sick mind to be that organized. :)

My husband is horrible about leaving the oven and stove on. Him and his sister are always, 'where did I put my keys, phone, etc'. I sympathize.

Good luck on the writing forward. Pick one and just go for it.