Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The nature of the beast

You have to remember - originally they lived in caves and had us fetching stuff and cooking. Procreating and hunting for food was pretty much all they were interested in.

WAIT A MINUTE! Has anything changed?

CFM: Hey, where are you going?
Me: To the bathroom
CFM: Get me a cookie. (in the kitchen not the bathroom)
Me: Allright. So I go the extra mile to get him some cookies and when I get back to the living room -
CFM: Those are just those sugar cookies.
(I point out that they are the ONLY cookies.)
CFM: I wanted a Twinkie or a candy bar or something.
Me: Well, you should have said so. These are cookies and you asked for cookies.
(He's sitting in his recliner (his stone throne) with the 'gizmo' watching a western I taped for him.)

I believe underneath the sophisticated (wrong choice of words) veneer, he's still a caveman at heart. Me, caveman, you my woman. Retrieve.

It will be interesting to see how much is swept under the rug when I return from my trip to SC.


Leah Braemel said...

Hmm, sounds like Gizmo Guy's dad. And I know my guys don't bother sweeping anything until 5 minutes before I'm expected home. It's probably better not to dwell on it. I doubt it'll be a pretty sight.

Marley Delarose, Author said...

Yeah, luckily I don't think about it. He usually has a major house cleaning just before I come home so everything at least looks clean.