Friday, June 6, 2008

For Feliz and Spider

I was touched to read Jordan Dane's tribute to Feliz, her 16yr old pet who passed away recently on the Avon blog.

I, too, lost a very special baby.

Ironically, I found my tribute to Spider the same day I read Jordan's blog so I'll share it because the wound is as fresh today as it was then, nearly three years ago.

'I awoke early this morning crying.

I have accepted that our precious little loveball, Spider, may not be with us long.

She came to us after much abuse - her previous owner once put her in a drawer to keep her quiet. And she suffers from congestive heart failure and liver complications. We are walking a fine line with her medications between keeping her well and happy and doing her in!

She has given me such tremendous joy. I don't believe anyone has ever loved me as she has. Oh, I know my husband loves me, but he doesn't greet me with a waddling spider walk, funny grins and entreat me to love on him til I just can't do it anymore.

When I find him outside he doesn't flip over and raise his arms and legs to me, kicking like an excited newborn until I reach for him.

And there's something precious about a companion that races across the bed and buries her nose in his neck to cuddle aggressively - I don't do that for him either!

Maybe that's why God allowed this little love angel into our lives - so that we could experience that special all-out love that we should show each other.

Thank you, my little love, we will never forget you. Now Cleo can enjoy your special companionship in Heaven's garden.'

Even with the pain and grief, we would not have traded a second with Spider for a different healthier pup.

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Jordan Dane said...

What a sweet picture! And such a lovely tribute. For writers, this can be the only way to release all the emotion we feel and I can certainly understand your pain. But the joy of Spider's love goes on. Thanks for sharing your story.