Thursday, May 22, 2008

This time last week

It took two men to get this wheel off the truck to change it. Glad I wasn't on the road with it.

My new website is very appropro with the lightning and stormy lake since I'm terrified of storms, have been since my parents took me to a July 4th picnic when I was 3. The fireworks freaked me out and Daddy said that must have been what triggered the fear of lightning and bright flashes of light.

The storm that hit La and Ark one week ago today was terrifying. We lose our satellite and often our phone during these thunder-boomers so we have no advance warning unless we sit up and listen to a battery run radio 'just in case'.

Last Thursday at 4 am a friend called from Alexandria which is west of us and said 'you need to get up and watch the radar. It's coming your way, 60 mph winds and hail, tornado watches. Thirty minutes later it was rumbling around us but the worst of the wind and rain split off around us.

But about 7:00am while CF man was TRYING to change a tire on the crawfish truck which yours truly was supposed to drive to get crawfish four hours away, I heard what sounded like a C130 taking off overhead. On the bayou! Not.

Let's zoom in on the conversation:
M: What's that sound?
CFM: Huh?
M: That noise, what's that noise. I've never heard anything like that.
CFM: I don't know I'm changing the tire.
M: Okay, you do that. I'm going to go get in the closet.

It was a tornado going over. Next time I'll recognize that and throw myself into the nearest ditch. Mr.'nothing's going to happen to me if I ignore it' can fend for himself.

We got almost 4 inches of rain in an hour or two.

Lights when out and stayed out until 12:30 then a branch caught on fire from an electrical line and they went out again.

Any wonder why I don't like thunderstorms?

After the storm, I caught this guy taking a free ride down the bayou, like a captain standing at the bow of his ship.

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Leah Braemel said...

Whenever I hear of tornados, I remind myself not to curse the snow quite so much.

and I love the picture of the egret - that's hilarious!