Thursday, April 24, 2008

River and Writing Update

Last night I dreamed that I was in danger of drowning in muddy gushing water. Every night since the river's been approaching record levels I've worried, dreamed, planned.

I alternately feel silly and terrified. Why aren't more people concerned? Why isn't everyone loading up and moving their stuff when someone who's been working on the levee says 'It's not looking good' and the radio announces emergency information on their website and instructs people not to panic.

I know - I'm the one who's been looking for bulletins, levee conditions, projections so I can plan what to do. Now, I'm just overwhelmed. And I understand why people aren't moving out. Why they continue to move about their day like everything's normal. Because where else would they go, en masse? Where can a third of a state just go, take their belongings, household, children, pets, vehicles and just wait in case something happens. Most don't have the resources to move preemptively.

The people here have lived within these levees for much longer than me. They've seen the river rise to record proportions several times, dealt with back water floods though never a levee breach until that big one in New Orleans. That affected a city. If a levee breaks in the central part of the state, they say a third of the state would be underwater.

My fear is that the apathy that has become so ingrained in our society toward our global economy, the continuing deterioration of our resources, rising gas prices, food shortages, politics is actually what's driving the lack of response in this case. But perhaps it's just a matter of faith.

So, I've carried my absolute 'can't lose' stuff to Mississippi (higher ground). I've moved my SEP and NR and DG books to the top of my closet wrapped in trash bags. (Along with my other KEEPERS and writing books because I know my husband would say, 'You're NOT carrying any books.')I've made lists of what to take if we have any time at all to pack.

All of this is playing havoc with my concentration. But I needed about a week break on MOL anyway. Leah helped me regain my footing when I was about to give up. So, as soon as next week rolls around I'll get back on it.

Please pray that the river holds.

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Leah Braemel said...

I'm glad to hear you've stashed your most precious stuff out of harms' way, and that you've prepared 'as much as you can'. Let's hope the levee holds - I can understand your fears though. I'd be having nightmares too.

Isn't the weather strange - you're inundated with water all around you, and out west in Arizona and places their rivers are drying up and they're praying for rain.