Friday, March 21, 2008

I finished!

I finally finished my first manuscript - MOL. I'm so relieved - another goal met.

When I pitched it last month it was over the publisher's word count but it wasn't finished. Now I have two versions, one which may or may not make it through the cutting room floor, and the original.

As if that wasn't hard work, now the really hard work begins. This is the one that took second in Romancing the Tome '07. So I must make sure the rest of it lives up to the contest entry.

While my CP takes a look at the two versions of MOL, I'll go on to the next three goals.

Finish FIMB. (I like the hero too much to submit to its intended publisher so I'll see where this beautiful guy leads me.)

Refine first three chapters of MOL and FIMB for submission to publisher and agent. (Is that one or two - I have a tendency to make too large a goal, but I'm working on it.)

No writing this weekend though, 'cause I'm helping Crawfish Man - biggest crawfish weekend of the season! As usual, there's not enough to go around and this season is the worst so far. Late, young, and soft crawfish make for high prices and low supply.

Happy Easter!

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