Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Darkness Falls

Scary, intriguing, fast paced and well written. All adjectives to describe Kyle Mills' newest thriller, Darkness Falls.

Even though the rising price of gas and petroleum affected products is skyrocketing we take it pretty much in stride, comfortable in our delusion that our petroleum reserves will always be there.

Kyle Mills' book blasts a hole through that theory the size of China. The premise is based somewhat on a real biologist and a real bacteria. When the protagonist creates a bacteria that will eat oil, his purpose is to enable the cleanup of oil spills. Unfortunately, a bio terrorist has a different motivation when he steals the bacteria and modifies it, introducing it into the world's petroleum reserves and nearly overnight production goes down 40%!!

I could imagine only a few of the complications and consequences until I read Mills' book.

Now imagine what would happen if this bacteria (which is based on a real oil eating bacteria for which the Chinese have sequenced the DNA) becomes air born and can eliminate anything oil based. How would this affect us globally? How would it affect us individually?

Mills did extensive research with this book and has made a video available on his site that you really should see. Click here for video interview

Kyle is nice enough to share his writing process and advice.

Get a copy of the unabridged audio if you can. It is awesome!

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