Sunday, December 23, 2007

Civil War shot of New Orleans

My friend, JoAnn and I were in New Orleans the same day Brad Pitt and Angelina were in the ninth ward raising money for the rebuild. (no, this was 2007, my camera loses the date everytime I change the batteries - aaargh!)

New Orleans certainly isn't what it was, with many many vacant house, subdivisions, businesses and roughly a third of the previous population.

This is a picture from our room in the early morning fog. Someone swore it looked like a Civil War battle.

Not much has changed about the Quarter though since our visit about four years ago. This time we stayed 29 floors up in the Marriott on Canal St. overlooking the Mississippi River.

What an intelligent elevator we had. Even with her extensive travel she'd never seen one quite like it. You go to the bank of elevators, press your destination floor, the system then tells you which elevator to take. Once you enter the elevator, relax and let it do the driving. There are no buttons to push, control is completely in the elevator's hands. Is that a good thing?

Anyway, that's not all that runs through your mind. As the elevator ascends, in this case, you will be entertained by the steady beep of the floors ticking off, well, maybe not entertained. It sounds exactly like the last 30 seconds of a bomb as it!

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