Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Because of NaNo I'm meeting goals and learning to trust my own process. I must truly be a pantser; my story unfolds as I write.

For instance:

Today my heroine picked up the phone and called her girlfriend, a character I didn't know. She wasn't in the outline I'd spent two days creating! I had no idea what she was going do. Before I knew it she was telling her friend everything. Then I realized that the girlfriend is going to be the heroine in the sequel.

Funny how that happens.

Since I gave up trying to hit 10,000 in a day - (sheepish grin) - that was Saturday, I've hit or exceeded my goal of 2100 per day. Today I was writing along and before I knew it I had 3100.

Good luck to everyone for the rest of the month. It's not too late to set a different goal for the last sixteen days.

Amy Ruttan's experience encouraged me. Congratulations, Amy, on turning last year's NaNo project into a deal.

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Amy Ruttan said...

Keep up the good work Marley your doing awesome!!! And believe I never thought my last years NaNo would turn into a contract, but NaNo helped me hone my skills to get manuscripts done faster! :)