Monday, September 2, 2013

Labor Day

Labor Day - the official end to Summer, not meteorologically or cosmically speaking, but your kids have started back to school, the weather is cooperating, hopefully, bringing cooler air and a fresh attitude (or the desire to get lost in those closets).
Do you have goals for the rest of the year? How do you feel about your accomplishments for 201o up to now? Maybe the Labor Day weekend a kind of marker for you, a second wind, you know, like a fresh start to try to accomplish everything you set out to do in January.
This morning as I sat outside in the 75 degree cool breeze, literally grrrinning with pleasure, I couldn't help but think of Grace's Friday blog. I do love, love, love Fall, Grace, I'd almost forgotten how much. We so often see hurricanes around Labor day and excessive heat that this Labor Day weekend is especially wonderful. Not that I'd wish a hurricane onanyone! Hopefully, we'll all be able to enjoy the long weekend - I mean what other holiday promotes relaxation without guilt more than this one?
Even though I'll be laboring on Labor Day, I'll be doing something I enjoy. How about you? What's on the menu? Will you be spending it picnicking, on the lake, with family, working? Do you have a tradition you honor on this day, or do you SIMPLY relax? Breathe out... forget to breathe in...