Friday, March 2, 2012

2012 American Idol week 1

So it's begun. I worked with a someone years ago who just LOVED American Idol. I just couldn't see the love there for a while. But I'm on it now! I just have to watch the progress of these young artists as they reach for their goals.

My thoughts this week.

My favorites in the guys are Joshua, (from Westlake, Louisiana yes!!) Philip, Germaine (the gentle & awesome giant), and Reed.

In the girls - Hallie (from Baltimore, Md) Okay so shoot me, I'm biased for the home team. Erika, Hollie (wow), Shannon, Jessica (Dbl wow) and Elisa.

Of course it doesn't matter what I think because I'm not going to stay online for two hours Idol night punching the phone. I'll give my best shot to my favorites and then it's up to the universe (usually that means whoever has the biggest teen fan base.)

Addendum: Well, all in all I think the voters did exceptionally well.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Blogging today about Serendipity

My friend Dale Mayer invited me over for a guest blog so I'm at Magical Musings today. Please drop by and get a chance to win Fire in My Blood

See you there.