Friday, March 4, 2016

How do you get unstuck? #writerstip @LiviaQuinn #ASMSG

I love Rachel Aaron's books, which all started with the Eli Montpress series. But Rachel also has a great blog, Pretentious Title, where she gives fantastic advice to authors. As a matter of fact,  2K to 10k was first offered on her blog. 

Sometimes I get stuck and the first thing I do is open a craft book like 2k to 10k ( or listen) for some insight into what's missing in my story.  As a pantser, I can't follow her advice verbatim but there's a lot that is similar in my process as my pantser planner tends to think in terms of character arc and how it is going to drive my plot. If you haven't read the book or audible you should pick it up. There's a lot of great guidance packed into a small package, no matter how you write.

Ms. Aaron is an independent thinker. One illustration is the way she says she digs right into the revision when she'd done as opposed to setting the manuscript aside as some authors suggest. She knows what works for her and encourages others to do so. If I hadn't spent so many years blindly obeying the rules I might have realized sooner what my own best practices were.

Anyhoo, as I was saying, I'd forgotten that her new Heartstriker book was out on Audible and I had credits - woohoo! So I picked up One Dragon Deserves Another, the sequel to Nice Dragons Finish Last. Now I want the ebooks and the paperback! I do that when I really like an author, I want their books available to me all the time, wherever I am.

One Dragon Deserves Another is a tale with so many conflicts, twists and machinations that you will be wondering from start to finish how - well, I can't spoil it with details because the surprises are so good. Her descriptions and world building are absolutely fabulous as I discovered in her Ei Montpress books.

If you love a good fantasy with humor, heart and great characters give these two a try - once you turn the first page, you'll be up all night. And don't forget to check out her blog.

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