Monday, June 4, 2012

Isn't it obvious?

You might not be aware of this important warning on your pet's medication.

When was the last time you purchased something that didn't come with a warning label? 

The American consumer is bombarded with these cautionary instructions to the point where we ignore them. And why not? Here's a sample of some of my favorites.

On my DH's razor: "Caution. Do not shave while sleeping." So that's how my DH woke up clean shaven, eh?

On my waffle iron: "Warning. May be hot during and after operation." Come on, really?

On an electric rotary drill: "This product not intended to use as a dental drill." Hmm, I think my husband thought of this one. 

On a package of nuts: "Warning: May contain nuts." Ya think?

On cardboard sunshield that protects your dash. "Do not drive with sunshield in place." Seriously? Has someone actually done this? 

On a 7in x 7in plastic bag: "Do not crawl inside this bag and zip it up. It can be fatal." (Okay if an alien midget crawled into it, maybe.)

(Get ready for this one.) "May irritate eyes." On a can of pepper spray.  

So, do you think this is getting out of control? If you're still undecided. Let me offer a tale that recently hit the news. A man recently sued his doctor for malpractice after he had a heart attack while in bed with two women. Yes, two. He'd been to his doctor who set an appointment for a week later for a stress test. His contention was that the doctor should have warned him. (Warning: having a menage a trois with two women other than your wife may cause you to have a heart attack.) Believe it? Well, the jury awarded the man $3 million dollars. 

Some folks in France obviously see how much attention is paid to warning labels. They included a political message at the bottom of their translation on the label. Read the translation of the label.

So what do you think? Have any favorites? Would you like to create one for something in your life? 


Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Jill Shalvis is Here

If you love contemporary romance then I know you are a fan of Jill Shalvis. She is one of my auto-buy authors. We'll be giving away a copy of Jill's new release in the Lucky Harbor series so leave a comment to be in the running along with your email address.

Welcome, Jill. I'm so excited to have you. What is your favorite of your books? or your favorite hero?

It’s always my latest one, so in this case, LUCKY IN LOVE.  There’s something about Ty Garrison, ex Navy SEAL, all around badass, wounded, saved by the very last thing he thinks he’d ever want.   Love.

Your male characters are so real I figured you grew up in a house full of guys. How did you get so good at this particular facet of romance writing?

Ha.  I happen to live with a to-the-bone alpha.

What surprises and delights you most about your career?

Getting to work at home on the deck in my pjs and bunny slipper.  And the readers.  Oh how I love the readers.  All of them.

We love her, too.  Another thing about Jill - she's prolific.  Look what's coming up this year!'m ready!

What's your favorite Jill Shalvis book or series? 

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Jill Shalvis is coming Wednesday!

Four special contemporary romance authors influenced me as I moved toward becoming a writer myself. Nora Roberts, Susan Elizabeth Phillips, Janet Evanovich and Jill Shalvis.

Jill Shalvis' blog tour will stop here Wednesday to promote her new release in the Lucky Harbor series, Lucky in Love, and one lucky commentor will win a copy.

I've been a fan of Jill's since her first book. I all of her books but especially the ones  about women pilots - Aussie Rules was one of my favorites. As well as Her Sexiest Mistake and all the "Instant" books.

Be here tomorrow to visit with Jill and win a copy of Lucky in Love.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Idol Nonsense

Okay, before you go off on me, I know there were three talented contestants but...

As a musician myself, I was mesmerized by Joshua's performances. Awed that someone so young was that polished and flawless. When he hit the stage he got lost in the song and the experience. You could say that about Phillip as well, but not EVERY time.

Starpulse put it better than me but my point exactly. There have been few years when the best artist actually won. What system is in place behind the scenes to support great artists that don't make it? Surely, Adam still benefited by being on Idol. Maybe it was even in his favor.

Hopefully, Joshua will be proof that you don't need Idol win to be a big success.

Friday, March 2, 2012

2012 American Idol week 1

So it's begun. I worked with a someone years ago who just LOVED American Idol. I just couldn't see the love there for a while. But I'm on it now! I just have to watch the progress of these young artists as they reach for their goals.

My thoughts this week.

My favorites in the guys are Joshua, (from Westlake, Louisiana yes!!) Philip, Germaine (the gentle & awesome giant), and Reed.

In the girls - Hallie (from Baltimore, Md) Okay so shoot me, I'm biased for the home team. Erika, Hollie (wow), Shannon, Jessica (Dbl wow) and Elisa.

Of course it doesn't matter what I think because I'm not going to stay online for two hours Idol night punching the phone. I'll give my best shot to my favorites and then it's up to the universe (usually that means whoever has the biggest teen fan base.)

Addendum: Well, all in all I think the voters did exceptionally well.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Blogging today about Serendipity

My friend Dale Mayer invited me over for a guest blog so I'm at Magical Musings today. Please drop by and get a chance to win Fire in My Blood

See you there.